Spotlight on “Dave Tebbutt”

Spotlight on “Dave Tebbutt”

Dave Tebbutt – Film-maker, editor and musician!

Living in Niagara on the Lake, starting his career filming weddings and quickly branched off with millions of online views. His work has also been seen on Good Morning America, The Ellen Show and The Weather Network.

He likes to work hard and play hard, managing to travel to Central America every year to tell stories.

I contacted Dave in 2016 asking if I could use this video etc…, for this web site, and maybe bug him for more later on – Thank YOU – David your awesome!  A Free Lifetime subscription to A4TW and voila!

Without further ado:  “I do” – A picture is worth 1000++ words – BUT these videos “Priceless” – Enjoy!

Contact this 🔝 end 📸🎞🎥🎬📸

Dave Tebbutt


P 🙂

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